check [1] VERB 1) examine the accuracy, quality, or condition of. 2) stop or slow the progress of. 3) Chess move a piece or pawn to a square where it directly attacks (the opposing king).
NOUN 1) an examination to check accuracy, quality, or condition. 2) an act of checking progress. 3) a means of control or restraint. 4) Chess an act of checking the opposing king. 5) N. Amer. the bill in a restaurant. 6) (also check mark) N. Amer. a mark () used to indicate that an item in a text is correct or has been chosen or checked.
check in — Cf. ↑check in
check out — Cf. ↑check out
check up on — Cf. ↑check up on
in check — Cf. ↑in check
DERIVATIVES checkable adjective.
ORIGIN Old French eschequier 'play chess, put in check' , ultimately from a Persian word meaning 'king' .
check [2] NOUN a pattern of small squares.
ADJECTIVE (also checked) having such a pattern.
ORIGIN probably from CHEQUER(Cf. ↑chequer).
check [3] (Brit. cheque) NOUN a written order to a bank to pay a stated sum from an account to a specified person.
ORIGIN variant of CHECK(Cf. ↑checkable), in the sense «device for checking the amount of an item».

English terms dictionary. 2015.